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When Life Just Sucks

I’ve been sitting here trying to think about what to write my next article on. My typical writing style gives the impression that although I have had my fair share of struggles, that I am now completely beyond them. That I am almost this inhuman creature that has got all her ducks in a row and lives in a faraway land filled with rainbows and butterflies. And while I DO love rainbows and butterflies, my life is far from being filled with them most of the time. So today I’m going to write to you from where I am at in this very moment. I’m going to be raw, and I’m going to be real. And right now, everything I am going through just really, really…


And that is okay. So, things suck right now. It happens. Sucky stuff happens. And the suckiness of all this suck has got me so sucked in that sometimes I feel like all I can do is think about how bad this sucks. You feel me?

And the worst part about being so sucked into the suck, is that it feels like all that can come out of my mouth in conversation is the suck. It literally feels like it’s swallowing me whole.

And the second worst part about being in the middle of all of this suck is when people tell me to “suck it up.” Because not only is the insensitivity of that statement itself enough to get me all fired up, but it implies that I haven’t already thought of that or tried it already. Like, if I could just suck it up, I would have A LONG TIME AGO.

So if the suck has sucked up all but the last ounce of life from you, what won’t the suck, suck from you?

It won’t suck one very important thing.

Something that in the absence of it, all there is is suck.

And yet, there will never be a time of absence from it because even the suckiest of sucky situations can’t suck this from you.

So what am I talking about you may be wondering?

I am talking about...


You may be thinking, “but I lost that a long time ago”. I know, because I thought that for a long time too.

But you know how I know that’s not true?

Because if you’re reading this I can assume you’re alive. And if you’re alive I can assume you have a pulse. And if you have a pulse I can assume you also have hope. Because the beating of your heart is the anthem to hope. As long as you’re alive, if you listen closely, you can hear the song. The song of your heart, and the song of your hope.

“Okay so maybe I do have hope, but what good does that get me when I feel this badly?”

Good question.

All you need is a tiny shred of hope to rebuild your life from hell into a home.


And not a great deal of hope. Not an average amount of hope. No, just a single thread.

Hope is a flame. It is a light that illuminates the dark. The flame may be small, but if you believe in it and feed it, it will grow. And NOTHING can extinguish your hope. No matter how small, insignificant, or worthless you feel, you are never without hope. And once you know this, you can overcome anything.

So dig deep, be brave, and find your hope. The suck will suck, there’s no denying that. But no amount of suck will ever compare to the power of hope that lives within your very heart. And anytime you feel hopeless, take a deep breath, place your hand over your heart, and let the sound of your life be the hope that you need to illuminate even the darkest, and suckiest of times.

And please don’t forget, your very life is hope. And this world needs that hope. We need your life.

We need you.

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