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Suicide Prevention Month 2018

September is Suicide Prevention Month and this year, our organization has the goal of raising $1,000 for suicide prevention efforts by the end of the month. You can make a difference by helping us reach our goal!

How Can I Support?


All t-shirts are $18 and come in white (seen above), dark heather grey, ice blue, neon green, and stone grey! 


All hoodies are $35 and come in white (seen above), green, light blue, pink, and sport grey! 

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All long sleeves are $25 and come in white (seen above), Irish green, light blue, light pink, and sport grey! 

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All crewnecks are $33 and come in white (seen above), Irish green, light pink, and sport grey! 

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All baseball tees are $26 and come in black and heather white (seen above), envy and heather white, premium heather and heather white, vintage navy and premium heather, and vintage royal and heather white! 

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All tank tops are $23 and come in white (seen above), gold, and sport grey! 

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You can donate money directly to our organization by visiting the "donate" page on our website here or you can donate directly through our Facebook page here!

If you have more ideas to help us reach or goal and/or you have experience in fundraising, please contact us!

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