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Why Self-Care Is Both Essential And Beneficial For Your Mental Health

Self-care is necessary for everyone’s regulatory functions. The goal of self-care is to feel balanced, free, and make living with a mental illness easier. You may be asking why mental health and your well-being are so important. Well, practicing self-care and cooperating self care into your everyday life leads to:

  • a healthier lifestyle

  • better physical health

  • improved recovery from illness

  • fewer limitations in daily living

  • higher educational attainment

  • greater productivity

  • greater employment/earnings

  • better relationships

  • increased social cohesion

  • improved quality of life

There are many definitions of the different types of self-care areas for taking care of your mental health. These include physical, psychological, spiritual, emotional, personal, and professional. Just like you take care of your physical health, taking care of your mental health is just as significant. Everyday you should assess how you are mentally on a scale from “Great” to “Rough”. This will make it easier to practice all the self care tips listed below to help improve your mental health.


  • make sure you get regular medical care and check-ups

  • eat healthy

  • get a regular amount of sleep

  • make sure you exercise at least 30 minutes a day

  • get a massage

  • give and receive hugs

  • don’t forget to drink plenty of water

  • if you are on medication(s) please remember to take them

  • practice mediation and breathing exercises

  • take a hot bath or shower

  • go for a walk

  • learn yoga

  • dance like no one is watching


  • take time for self reflection

  • go to therapy or counseling

  • keep a journal or diary

  • join a support group

  • practice self awareness

  • go outside and enjoy the sun

  • practice asking and receiving help

  • read self help book


  • meditate

  • pray

  • go to church

  • be in nature

  • volunteer

  • practice mindfulness

  • finish a task

  • practice forgiveness

  • find purpose and meaning

  • be inspired

  • play with children

  • go to the ocean

  • find a spiritual mentor

  • practice self-forgiveness


  • hang out with you pets

  • cuddle

  • cry

  • laugh

  • scream

  • engage in your community

  • practice positive affirmations

  • say “I love you”

  • flirt

  • buy yourself a present

  • watch movies

  • practice positive self talk

  • work with a good team of mental health specialists

  • listen to music

  • group therapy

  • knit

  • get a manicure/ pedicure

  • go shopping

  • sing


  • learn who you are

  • figure out what you want to do in life

  • plan short and long term goals

  • make a vision board

  • make new friends

  • go on dates

  • write down your feelings

  • spend time with family

  • learn new things/find a hobby

  • cook

  • plan and set goals

  • read a book

  • reflect on who you are and what makes you special


  • take and make the most out of your lunch breaks

  • leave work at work

  • take mental health days

  • learn to say “NO"

  • use your vacation time

  • set boundaries

  • take sick days

  • get support from colleagues

Don’t forget your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Self-care isn’t selfish and you shouldn’t feel guilty treating yourself as you deserve to. Practicing self-care and self-love will increase your mental health and well-being. Feel free to write in a journal or diary and create a self-care cheat sheet and write down the best tips that work for you or tips you would like to try. Also try talking to friends and family and share with everyone who may need it. Self-care is an act of self love! Don’t forget to speak up and enjoy yourself!

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