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NEDA Awareness Week Information

Attention readers: each year, NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) raises awareness about eating disorders starting February 26th and ending March 4th. With their slogan “let's get real” and their hashtag #NEDAwareness millions of people come together to share their own stories, experiences, and education to provide others the awareness regarding eating disorders. Their mission is aimed at starting conversation and highlighting stores in our communities. They strive to stop the stigma and stereotypes while also providing support to millions affected by eating disorders.

Eating disorders affect 30 million Americans each year.

They are serious but treatable mental illnesses.

It affects people of all ages, sexes, races, ethnicity and socioeconomic groups.

There are many types of eating disorders which will be listed below:


*ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder)

*BED (Binge Eating Disorder)


*OSFED (Other Specified Feeding and Eating Disorders

*EDNOS (Eating Disorder- Not otherwise Specified)


*Rumination Disorder

*UFED (Unspecified feeding or eating disorder)


If you or a loved one feel as if you may be suffering from one or more of the listed eating disorders above their are various ways to get help and support. You can go on to the NEDA website and take their free screening test or call their toll free confidential helpline at 1-800-931-2237. They also have options such as the Click-to-chat option and a text message option where texting “NEDA” to 741741 will connect you with a trained volunteer at a Crisis Text Line.

The most important thing to do is to get involved. Nowadays everyone has some sort of social media outlet. The more people who bring awareness to eating disorders the more chances we have a saving a life. It is in the media all around us, so let's all get involved. I, myself, know for a fact that having an eating disorder is nothing to be ashamed about and talking about it really helps.

#eatingdisorders #awareness

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