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A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Younger Linds,

I know life may seem so incredibly hectic right now and that the sun may never seem to shine. Your biggest fear right now is school. I know it feels as if the storm may never pass. The only thing worse than knowing where you belong is knowing where you don’t. You wake up everyday dreading the hour long bus ride. An hour can be a long time; especially when you spend that hour thinking that you’re invisible, thinking nobody cares, thinking nobody understands. Your heart aches because you feel so alone. However, you’re not alone. Once you develop the strength to switch back to your old school, you’ll learn a lot about others and a lot about yourself. You’ll learn people change, people grow, people become wiser and they mature. Even more so, you grow up. So stick around and give people chances because you’re about to meet some of the most amazing people you’ll ever come to know. I’m not going to sugar coat it or say life is a cakewalk, because it is far from it. You’ll face obstacles, but those obstacles you shall overcome. You’ll face heartbreak, but you shall put your heart back together with new pieces. You’ll feel as if your world is collapsing and you’re better off dead but you’re not. Stay alive and keep fighting. Stay alive for beautiful sunsets and early morning sunrises. For the smell of new babies that you will soon meet in your life. For the ocean waves, for the long walks, for the seasons to change. Stay alive for your friends, for your family and the opportunity to better yourself. That feeling in the pit of your stomach that is telling you to go for it and follow your dreams; that’s called your gut. Listen to it. Take every opportunity as a blessing regardless of the situation. Find a positive in every bad situation and create something beautiful. Put yourself first and learn to accept yourself. Love every scar, mark, and imperfection that may lie on your body because it makes you, YOU. Don’t discourage yourself. The C you got on that history test is not going to be the end of the world, so don’t take it too personal. I know you continue to strive for greatness and perfection but be wise. Instead, strive for progress, and reward yourself along the way. That being said, never take things for granted. Do not leave words left unsaid. If you love someone, tell them. If you believe you’re being mistreated, cut them out. Make yourself your number one priority. Nevertheless, you’re just a kid and things will start to fall into place sooner than you may think. Hang in there because your best has yet to come.



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