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Spreading The Love's Website Launches

Easter 2017 is a special day for Spreading The Love as the new non-profit's official website has launched. The launching took place just one day after Spreading The Love became a non-profit and the website is just one of many finalized projects that supporters can expect in 2017. The website will allow individuals to learn more about the non-profit and it will make it easier for individuals to donate, share, and join the movement. One of the most anticipated parts of the website will be the blog section which will showcase the newest members of the team: Emily Racanelli, Chelise Williams, Sarah Chapin, and Lily Kananen. Weekly blogs will start getting posted by our writers on May 8. Blogs will consist of advice, personal stories, current events, and education. If you would like to become involved or join our team please visit the "contact" tab and let us know what you can bring to our movement and why you would like to join!

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